Pointe Coupee Parish Case Search (Louisiana)

Pointe Coupee Parish Courts are judicial bodies that resolves legal disputes at the federal, Louisiana State, or local Pointe Coupee Parish level. Courts typically specialize in a particular area of law, such as criminal, civil, family, and traffic courts. Courts also create records about their cases, which provide information about the defendant and plaintiffs in a trial, the charges brought against an individual, the outcome of a trial, and any sentences, court decrees, or probation orders. Any type of judicial action creates a paper trail, and many courts provide online access to their case records. This includes records on criminal misdemeanors and felonies, divorces, lawsuits against businesses, civil rights violations, complaints about sexual harassment or discrimination, and more. Court databases often allow the public to search cases by the names of the people involved.

Batchelor Justice of Peace Court Batchelor LA 6450 Route 1 70715 225-492-2020

Fordoche Mayor's Court Fordoche LA 5390 Fordoche Road 70732 225-637-3112

Jarreau Justice of Peace Court Jarreau LA 5278 Noah's Lane 70749 224-627-6752

Lakeland Justice of Peace Court Lakeland LA 3101 Oakland Road 70752 225-627-5414

Lettswort Justice of Peace Court Lettsworth LA 9863 Route 1 70753 225-492-2445

Livonia Justice of Peace Court Livonia LA 3111 Highway 78 70755 225-637-2915

Livonia Mayor's Court Livonia LA 3111 Highway 78 70755 225-637-2981

Lottie Justice of Peace Court Lottie LA 5422 Highway 81 70756 225-637-2787

Morganza Justice of Peace Court Morganza LA 8257 Louisiana 1 70759 225-694-2414

Morganza Mayor's Court Morganza LA 112 Louisiana 3050 70759 225-694-3655

New Roads Justice of Peace Court I New Roads LA 209 East 5th Street 70760 225-638-7023

New Roads Justice of Peace Court II New Roads LA 1006 Singletary Street 70760 225-638-6928

New Roads Justice of Peace Court III New Roads LA 8677 Saint Joseph Street 70760 225-618-0221

New Roads Mayor's Court New Roads LA 211 West Main Street 70760 225-628-5360

Pointe Coupee District Court New Roads LA 201 Main Street 70760 225-638-9596

Ventress Justice of Peace Court Ventress LA 8011 Island Road 70783 225-638-4326