Sedgwick County Case Search (Kansas)

Sedgwick County Courts are judicial bodies that resolves legal disputes at the federal, Kansas State, or local Sedgwick County level. Courts typically specialize in a particular area of law, such as criminal, civil, family, and traffic courts. Courts also create records about their cases, which provide information about the defendant and plaintiffs in a trial, the charges brought against an individual, the outcome of a trial, and any sentences, court decrees, or probation orders. Any type of judicial action creates a paper trail, and many courts provide online access to their case records. This includes records on criminal misdemeanors and felonies, divorces, lawsuits against businesses, civil rights violations, complaints about sexual harassment or discrimination, and more. Court databases often allow the public to search cases by the names of the people involved.

Andale Municipal Court Andale KS 326 Main Street 67001 316-444-2351

Bel Aire Municipal Court Bel Aire KS 7651 East Central Park Avenue 67226 316-744-2451

Bentley Municipal Court Bentley KS 150 Wichita Avenue 67016 316-796-1799

Cheney Municipal Court Cheney KS 131 North Main Street 67025 316-540-3622

Clearwater Municipal Court Clearwater KS 129 Ross Avenue 67026 620-584-2317

Colwich Municipal Court Colwich KS 310 South 2nd Street 67030 316-796-1025

Derby Municipal Court Derby KS 229 North Baltimore Avenue 67037 316-788-1511

Eastborough Municipal Court Eastborough KS 1 East Douglas Avenue 67207 316-682-4111

Garden Plain Municipal Court Garden Plain KS 505 North Main Street 67050 316-531-2321

Goddard Municipal Court Goddard KS 118 North Main Street 67052 316-794-2441

Haysville Municipal Court Haysville KS 200 West Grand Avenue 67060 316-529-5920

Kechi Municipal Court Kechi KS 220 West Kechi Road 67067 316-744-9288

Maize Municipal Court Maize KS 10100 Grady Avenue 67101 316-722-8736

Mount Hope Municipal Court Mount Hope KS 112 West Main Street 67108 316-661-2211

Mulvane Municipal Court Mulvane KS 211 North 2nd Avenue 67110 316-777-9515

Park City Municipal Court Park KS 6110 North Hydraulic Avenue 67219 316-744-6417

Valley Center Municipal Court Valley Center KS 616 East 5th Street 67147 316-755-7309

Wichita County Court Wichita KS 510 North Main Street 67203 316-660-9050

Wichita District Court Wichita KS 525 North Main Street 67203 316-660-5801

Wichita Municipal Court Wichita KS 455 North Main Street 67202 316-268-4611

Sedgwick County District Attorney Offices prosecute legal cases on behalf of the public, including both criminal and civil cases. The office maintains records on prior and ongoing cases, such as prosecutions for criminal felonies and misdemeanors like assault, battery, robbery, and homicide. The Sedgwick County Court cases also include civil trials against businesses or individuals who have broken the law. A Sedgwick County case search can identify litigants in a trial and show whether an individual has any criminal convictions or complaints. This makes the District Attorney Office an important resource when conducting a Sedgwick County background check. District Attorneys may provide online access to their court case information on their websites.

Sedgwick County District Attorney Wichita KS 525 North Main Street 67203 316-383-3600